Getting Started On the Punching Bag

punching bag The punching bag is a crucial training tool for all those serious in the martial arts or boxing. A lot of people neglect training on a heavy bag. This is a serious mistake.

Without hundreds and hundreds of hours on the punching bag, you are an effective fighter. Sorry to say, but it’s the truth. To effectively fight with any striking art, you need to not only punch with maximum power, you also need to punch with maximum speed.

If your punches are slow (as in the count speed), you won’t be able to deliver the combos the way you need to.

In order to speed up your punches and combos you need to train, it’s that simple.

If you haven’t selected a punching bag as of yet, check out this guide to selecting a punching bag. It is important you get the right size for your body type and skill level or you may end up hurting yourself or stunting your work out.

The first combo you are going to learn is the 1-2 punch. The 1-2 punch is a simple jab-cross combination. Your jab is your lead hand – it extends out straight towards the bag. Your cross is your back hand. After the lead jab lands, your right cross should follow up right behind it – almost as soon as the first jab lands.

You may rotate your knuckles, or you may keep the vertical – it’s up to you.

Repeat the 1-2 punching combination for a total of 100 sets (200 punches total). Do this for as many times as you can until your arms feel like they are burning…then do some more.

You should increase your rep amount as your body adapts to the training.

To learn more combos and ways to hit the bag, check out the complete punching bag workout plan here

This is how you develop punches with real stopping power. There is not secret, only train.

Remember to wear the proper bag gloves while training. This will save you from a lot of downtime from skinned up knuckles.

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